The Complete Course (Both Part 1 and Part 2)

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What does it mean to have a ”living, breathing” instructional course?

 The course is designed to grow with me and thereby, also with you. As I discover more in my research, my daily teaching practice and my own experience as a studio and touring drummer out in the real world, I will periodically update the course in subsequent volumes to reflect what I’ve learned - similar to a book being revised. Once a new version of the course is released, the previous version will be deleted. The course functions in a streaming only format because I want you to have the best information available at all times.

How is G.O.O.Y.O.W. different from anything else out there?

No more Patreon, no more monthly subscriptions and certainly no more outdated textbooks or astronomically expensive music school tuition. Once you purchase “Getting Out of Your Own Way”, you will have access to the current course and all future iterations - FOREVER. Because you get all of the course content at once, you can work through the material at your own pace. Again, your initial investment gives you access to the most current version of the course, so you’ll always have the latest information, content and explanations as soon as I do.

Praise for GOOYOW

Getting your course hasn't just changed my drumming, but my life forever. Can't thank you enough.

- Marty

Yesterday I realized how all-encompassing "GOOYOW" is. I’m going through a heavy patch of change and growth, and it hit me hard. I really appreciate all that you put out into the world.

- Derek

I highly recommend checking out the course for anyone, whether you feel stuck in a rut, feel super great and confident about your playing, or anywhere in between.

– Jake

Your course is the only official one I've taken to this day, but it's the only one I've really needed to give me the technique I've otherwise lacked for 20 years. Thanks again!

Your focus on breath work and meditation in GOOYOW has helped in so many parts of my life. Obviously in staying relaxed drumming but also during my job as a line cook and training in Brazilian Jujitsu. Once you are in touch with your breath and body it's wild to notice the unnecessary tension we carry.

Your course makes me approach life differently and I don't think I thank you enough for that.
Thank you!

After working through your course, I just wrapped the best studio session I've ever had. Thanks for everything you do!

This is related to your course, although I will probably take an online lesson or two in the future. THANK YOU. I'm 49, I was a contemporary of Jason Sutter, Luke Adams, Blair Sinta, Keith Carlock, etc at UNT and I have always been able to play. Chops, good feel, good time, blah blah - but something was missing. All the notes I played felt and sounded thin lacking something, Evidently, that something was your giant drumming brain. During the pandemic, I dedicated myself to changing my approach in line with the principles you teach. A couple weeks ago, I had a recording session and it all fell into place. It was a prog rock record - long, meandering tunes with time signature changes out the wazoo, lots of fills and busy outros. I was fighting a stomach bug and still had three first take keepers and a couple second takers. I don't think I've ever played that well in my life. Though Broadway runs, tours, you name it, you helped elevate my playing to a place it had never been before. Seriously, dude. Thank you. Thank you for being so generous with what you've learned and trying to hone the message with edits and redos to get it where you want it. I'm a teacher, I've seen all the work you've put into it. It's inspiring and important. I will sing your praises to anyone who happens to listen or ask. Again, thank you.

- Greg

Hey Dave! Not sure you remember me with so many students but this past weekend, I played with a big artist on a big Mexican festival and it was probably the first time my hands didn't freeze on stage! Even though I still probably played "too loud" or hit a bit too hard, I felt very relaxed, saw pictures and posture was definitely better (it can always be better but I saw progress) and I got compliments both by the MD & FOH engineer saying I was a clock and that my sound was very consistent! So just wanted to say thank you for helping me, and even though I haven't been able to work as hard as I would like too, I've worked on everything you told me and I'm finally starting to see some results! So thank you again!

GOOYOW changed my life man.

Hey Dave, Some feedback on the newest version of GOOYOW: Saying that practicing a fast technique with space in between vs. a technique at at faster tempo was super impactful for me. It hit me harder than anything I've ever been taught practice wise. Not only is it something that should be obvious and isn't, it also completely flips how I was taught to practice on its head. Thanks for that!

- Mikey Lasaponara

Hi Dave, I would like to thank you for GOOYOW, I bought the first part and it's just mind-blowing. I had tendinitis and my motivation in playing and studying drums was vanishing little by little, it's about three weeks that I am practicing pure rebounds, double strokes, posture and mindfulness meditation and already I can feel the benefits it brings. The concepts you explain are ridiculously simple and accessible. To me it is a light at the end of the tunnel, it's just a huge signal of hope and a clear demonstration that it is possible to play despite injuries and with no tension at all, if you know how it actually works. It's a road worth to pursue, can't wait to see what is going to be! Thanks again, peace.

– Andrea B.

Just wanted to tell everyone that they need to buy the online course, "Getting Out of Your Own Way" by Dave Elitch. It is a game changer and it helped improve my playing dramatically. Here are some pictures of how I set up my drums in the past. It looked horrible g f. I had my snare facing me, cymbal stand height were everywhere, my seat was too low, posture sucked, and many other things. This first picture is a good representation of what I have learned from "GOYOW". Go improve your playing by getting it.

- Schep

Loving your playing, and especially your course! GOOYOW is so applicable to all the material.
I've learned in the past and has helped loads in taking what I already know to a new level.

– M.R.

Man, I never thought I would be that happy about a drum throne! This thing and GOOWOW is the best things I purchased for myself ever, thanks for suggesting it, and basically explaining why it's needed.. looking forward to booking my first lesson with you!

– George P.

I caught how absolutely beautiful my left hand is after all this time working on it using the Eave Elitch course GOOYOW. Everything is effortless and more powerful which is bonkers but it's working so hell yeah an I can definitely improve here but so nice seeing results, do yourselves a favor get the course. Yes it takes a while to get results but it's worth it!

– Lorenzo

Years of martial arts and trucking and being a dumb kid took its toll on my body and I didn't notice until I REALLY noticed. Got the course and it changed my playing. Still have old injury
issues but I don't feel sore or pained from drumming any more. Killer course and killer playing Dave.

– J.M.

Thank you for GOOYOW! Many small things slowly clicking together across time into bigger things that bring me ever closer to my deepest inspiration, Jack DeJohnette, but also, crucially

– Jason R.

I'll always be grateful to you for this course Dave!

After purchasing Dave Elitch’s instructional course GOOYOW, my playing and approach to the instrument drastically changed for the better. Everything in his course is gold and nothing compares to it. I've unsubscribed to online drum lesson videos and blogs which promote playing licks on the drums or 5 ways to get faster hands in 100 days. When I'm struggling to play something, I just watch his videos and remember to slow down and do it again. Everything you need to be a great player is taught in Dave's course.

– Dan Noonan

Ok man you've GOT to hear this - New chapter of "Dave's magic". So, I've practicing the double stroke with my foot for quite some time (talking about years) but I never felt like I really GOT IT. I've watched GOOYOW a few times, yet I couldn't grasp it. Till a few weeks ago, when I finally heard (really heard) and UNDERSTOOD the difference between speed of the movement and tempo. I used to try the movement 1 minute at 50 BPM, 1 at 60 and 1 at 70. Then I tried to practice at 50 until it felt natural. BOOM! Now my double stroke is solid, super consistent and sounds REALLY good. Can't believe I wasted so much time and how quickly you helped me getting it right. Now I can't wait to see what's the next hidden gem in the course I missed. Thanks for everything man!