Dave has been teaching privately for over 20 years and has developed a reputation as the technique/body mechanic specialist for drum set. He has helped many of the world's best players as well as top educators "get out of their own way" by being as efficient as possible in regards to conservation of motion and energy.

The more we’re able to remove our bodies from the equation and let the instrument do the work, the more we can relax. The more relaxed you are, the better your time, tone and feel will be. Let's not forget that we're hitting wood, bronze, and mylar with sometimes a huge amount of velocity, so this conceptual/physical approach will also have a massive effect on stamina as well as shortening muscle recovery periods when performing live or in the studio.

Lessons are available in person in Los Angeles as well as online via Skype. If you're interested in booking a lesson or would like more details, please fill out the form in the "CONTACT" section of the site.

Dave Elitch is a rare breed. He is an experienced pro who is hugely passionate about teaching and is also great at it. He cares and makes sense, can demonstrate everything but even more importantly can go out of the way and help the student to do it very quickly on his own. Even if you are in town for a day take at least an hour with him. and if you can - go on a longer journey with him. I can really recommend it. Not many people are so knowledgeable, so good at what they do and have simply such a good heart. I think he’s awesome.

Keith Urban

I have spent most of my career unsatisfied with my drumming technique. It’s scary to pull up the shag carpet, the rug pad, the shit linoleum and get down to what you hope is Brazilian Rosewood. I had my first lesson today with the only man I think is qualified for the job. Dave Elitch is nothing short of brilliant as a musician and a damn fine human being too. If you are a drummer and you’re anywhere near LA, I suggest you go see him.

Dave is the best! I learned more in the first month than I learned in the 20 years prior. If he can make a comic sound good imagine what he could do for someone with actual musical ability.

The 1975

Dave saved my arms and hands! He made me see I️ could, in fact, contrary to my belief, develop technique that would save me from blisters and help solve tendinitis from many years of horribly inefficient technique. He taught patience! An incredible player, really great teacher and all round lovely human!

Deathcab for Cutie

I’ve been fortunate to sit with some of the best educators in the world and I absolutely consider Dave to be one of these people. Through obvious passion, dedicated playing and a dialed teaching philosophy, he’s developed an intuitive sense to look at both the internal and external approaches of each student, thus allowing him to make subtle adjustments or suggestions that provide the player with immediate understanding and contemplation, not to mention the inspiration to believe that real change is possible for anyone.

Ringo Starr/DLR

Dave is one of my favorite drummers to listen to, he has it all going on in every style. Luckily for me, he said that he loved to teach (as I do) and that he would be happy to take me on as a student. He is incredible at breaking things down and telling me exactly how he does them. I love practicing the things he shows me. He's an incredible musician. I’m really looking forward to my next lesson when I get back home from this awesome Ringo Starr and his All-Starr Band tour in 5 weeks.

Thanks for being a big drumming inspiration Dave!


Dave quickly undid decades of bad drumming habits that were affecting my playing and doing damage to my body! I sit completely different now, which frees up my feet helping my feel, and I no longer hurt my body during long tours. Thanks Dave!

Rival Sons

Two and a half years ago, after years of touring, working, and experiencing some success, I found myself hitting a plateau - that of fluidity, creativity, dexterity, posture, and technique. I called Elitch and it changed everything. I must say, it was extremely humbling, as I basically had to start from ground zero, man. With Dave, reducing and distilling my technique to the utmost economical and efficient way was possible and clear-cut. Nothing worth anything comes easy but I heeded his advice and methods, and worked my ass off. Dave was there for me, to keep me honest, and to guide and direct me to improve myself.

Rod Stewart

I always come away with valuable tools which I can apply to Recording and playing Life. Dave’s approach to teaching is amazing he breaks it down in a way I can understand. Get centered , relax , and stay out of the way.

Josh Groban/Melissa Etheridge

The most effective types of teachers teach students concepts so the student can then apply that knowledge to teach themselves. Dave is that kind of teacher. In my case he worked with my grip and posture. This in turn has helped my consistency and timing which has helped my playing become more effortless. Invaluable information.

Shakira/Tegan and Sara

Dave possesses the powerful combination of artistic passion and technical ability. He’s a motivational and inspirational dude, both on the drums, and in life. I value his friendship immensely.

The B’z

I can't speak highly enough about studying with David. After just two lessons, he was able to pinpoint some weaknesses in my technique and give me new insight on how to convey what I heard in my head into actually playing it - some of the most profound and intangible cognition to tap into as a musician, definitely not the stuff of YouTube. His methods are clear, concise and focused without wasting time learning licks or BS. If you're serious about taking your drumming to the next level, I would highly recommend Dave. My playing has never benefitted more.

Brad Paisely

Yesterday was a lesson in humility and growth. No matter where you are in your career/path, there’s always room to improve. Case in point: drummers, do yourself a favor and take a lesson with Dave Elitch . He has an amazing and refreshing way of looking at movement and ergonomics. I am changed from this day forward. For the better...

Dave has also helped:

Bill Burr

Tim Ferriss

Tomas Haake - Meshuggah

Benny Greb - Educator/Clinician

Tré Cool - Green Day

Dave King - The Bad Plus

Dominic Howard - Muse

Adrian Young - No Doubt

Louis Cole - Knower

George Bedford Daniels – The 1975

Chris McHugh – Keith Urban/Nashville Studio Legend

David Garibaldi - Tower Of Power

Gregg Bissonette – Ringo Starr/DLR

Jason McGerr – Deathcab for Cutie

Jimmy Chamberlin - Smashing Pumpkins

Lil John Roberts - Janet Jackson/Stevie Wonder

Toss Panos - Robben Ford/Michael Landau

Jose Pasillas - Incubus

Jason Gerken - Shiner

Andrew Marshall - Billie Eilish

Brendan Buckley – Shakira/Tegan and Sara

Blair Sinta - Josh Groban/Melissa Etheridge

Eric Hernandez – Bruno Mars

Jeremy Stacey – Noel Gallagher

Chris Maas - Mumford & Sons

Frank Ferrer - Guns n’ Roses

Jorma Vik - Eagles of Death Metal/The Bronx

Daxx Nielsen - Cheap Trick

Adam Christgau - Troye Sivan

Griffin Goldsmith - Dawes

Zach Lind - Jimmy Eat World

Michael Miley – Rival Sons

Ben Barter - Lorde

Michael Shrieve - Santana

Ben Sesar - Brad Paisely

Stacy Jones – Miley Cyrus/Matchbox 20/American Hi-Fi

David Palmer – Rod Stewart

Dan Bailey - Father John Misty

Mike Baker – Gavin DeGraw

Jack Lawless - Jonas Brothers/DNCE

Joe Zizzo - Bob Moses/Santigold

Steve Nistor - Sparks

Nate Lotz - Halsey/Ryan Adams

Matt Greiner - August Burns Red

Eric Scribner - Cirque Du Soleil

Kurt Sodergren - Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

Dave Raun – Lagwagon/Me First and The Gimmie Gimmies

Shane Gaalaas - The B’z

Riley Breckenridge - Thrice

Chris Culos - OAR

Chris Berry - Yeasayer/AJR

Sean Hutchinson - The Bleachers

Tucker Rule - Thursday

Freddy Sheed - Lewis Capaldi/The Japanese House

John Herndon - Tortoise

Dino Campanella – Dredg/Crosses

Francois Comtois - Young the Giant

Gregory Rogrove - Devendra Banhart

John Clardy - Tera Melos

John Boecklin – Devildriver/Bad Wolves

Dash Hutton - Haim

Valerie Franco - Hayley Kiyoko

Ryan Winnen - COIN

Dana Lamarca - Maggie Rogers

Tony Palermo – Papa Roach

Jason Sutter – Chris Cornell/Marilyn Manson

Elias Mallin – Ke$ha, Kill Hannah

as well as many others...

Yeaaaah buddy! @daveelitch came along last night to the show in LA. I've been getting lessons (and pretty much life coaching) from Dave the last few years. Very early in my time working with him he said to me 'this isn't about the drums, drums are just the vessel, this is life shit we're working on, it's all intertwined together.! During the show I was thinking about Dave a lot towards the start, wondering what he would think, hoping I could put into practice the stuff he's opened me up to, basically hoping to impress him or some shit, and I was putting this weird pressure on myself. Then I started actually doing what we work on, relaxing my body, watching my breath, listening to the music, feeling deeply what we were doing, and all this joy started to flower from inside while playing and any pressure or need to try impress him drifted away. I got to a point where I realized I was just enjoying the shit out of myself playing music with my friends, and I hadn't been concerned for ages and I was like fuuuuuck he really is THAT good! But seriously, the change in my mental attitude, my relationship with myself, my relationship with drumming and music, has become so much healthier as a result of working with Dave. And besides all that, he's such a dude to hang out with and that's the most important.

- Micheal Quinn (Dermot Kennedy)

I've literally healed multiple physical ailments by fixing technique with Dave Fixing this fixed multiple issues. I remember being at a lesson with Elitch, and I had plantar fasciitis and some knee issues (which I thought were from running), and Dave came around to my side, got on the floor and physically grabbed my heel and lowered it about 3-4", and told me play and was literally an "A-ha" moment; and it's been there ever since. My knee issues: GONE. AND I have 798% more power and finesse... Life changing sh*t Dave.

– Michael Miley (Rival Sons)

The biggest change Dave Elitch made to how I play was my position relative to the pedals. My bass drum sound has like 30% more low end than it used to purely based on how I'm playing it using the weight of my leg to my advantage rather than trying to balance the whole time.

– Dan Bailey (Father John Misty/Studio)

I already see the gains today believe it or not. Your ability to see what is really going on is uncanny dude! You are a life saver and a freaking wizard. I’m already seeing a massive change - thank you, thank you, thank you! Your ability to see what is really going on is uncanny.

– Stephen Striegel

I wanted to express my gratitude for our conversion today. It may have been the most important conversation I've had in my music career to date. I am very thankful for your insight and honest appraisal of my perceptions. I am grateful to have the opportunity to learn from you. I feel a weight lifted that I have been struggling with for a while. Thank you.

– J.M.

Can safely say your lessons are an absolute game changer and totally worth the investment!

– Michael Mather

Last night rehearsal for upcoming album release show on may 18... after all the work we have done it was the first time I played "angry" or with genuine musical angst. It was the most powerful and solid I have ever played with no real stress on my body. I semi felt my body disappear and become a conduit for the raw nature of what was happening. It was a new level of "getting out of my own way." A sort a flow state of energy. I wasn't mic'd but totally pushed the band to a different level. My guitarist and bassist both commented on it after. Today I am in deep appreciation for what I have learned from you. You are the true "yoda of drums".

I raised my throne height a lot after having a lesson with @daveelitch last week and my back already feels better. Putting power into the kick drum feels effortless and my forearms aren't cramping up at all. I still need to work on sitting up straight instead of leaning back a little bit but that will come too. Good music day!

– Rob B.

Dave, I wanted to thank you again for our lesson on Monday. I was telling a friend that I feel like someone showed me a new color!

In the past two years my playing and dedication towards what matter to me have really improved dramatically. A huge part of that is my teacher Dave Elitch, whos’ teachings go way beyond the realm of just playing an instrument. Everything I am I owe to the guidance and encouragement of my coaches and family.

– Jeff Samatoro

The best drum lesson I ever had, I didn't even hit a drum 1 time !! Seriously... its a life changer!! Be open & willing to change, Dave will point the way!! Love this guy!!

- Jeff Rataski

I will share, it's been a journey this past year. You hit the nail on the head with a few things from our lesson. When you asked me to play "4 on the floor" meat and potatoes, you said something like, "you're so tight, I can't even hear what you are trying to sound like", and I have really applied that to many areas of my life. It made me think about my intentions, am I trying to please others, why am I trying to get better, am I holding back, why? It's really put me on a journey of self-analysis over authenticity and what it means to express myself. It's interesting the parallels between physical barriers (holding tension in a certain physical area, compartmentalizing and catastrophizing minor imbalances) and mental barriers (holding mental tension and having an attitude that looks for imperfections). I've been thinking about truly letting go. Also, you quickly identified how I was holding tension in my right quad and glute, which has led me down quite the rabbit hole with my massage therapist and chiropractor, among others. A truly incredible thing happened soon after. The mere act of mentally "releasing" that tension in my legs, even when just THINKING about music, opened up this whole other level of deep listening, awareness, and comfort. I was tensing up my body, even in my mind, when playing along in my head. Soon after, I was playing along to a song on my electronic kit, and with this newfound space and openness, I WAS FUCKING SINGING. I was playing, and started singing along, comfortably. Something I had never really done before. Unfortunately, I get into a pattern where this ease of use can quickly fade, and I will feel tense, potentially in pain, and old use patterns will take over. Even now, if I'm playing to a certain older song I've played before, my right leg and shoulder will tense up with a certain hi-hat pattern or something. It's S000 subtle for me, this change in how I hold myself, to get myself to a feeling behind the kit where I'm comfortable, but I’m feeling better than ever, though I still want to feel more comfortable, for longer.” Shout out to "the algorithm" for bringing us together. I searched for an approach like this for years, and wondered why no one was doing it, and have found great inspiration from you. It's interesting, because I've heard you say the same thing: “no one else was doing this, so I stepped up.” I love it.

- Adam

So, we only had that one lesson, but I've been really working on what you showed me and man, you've seriously unlocked some like real life drumming glitch. Like, I'm now more willing to believe simulation theory and accept a new reality. I just played 4 loud ass full volume rock shows at SXSW with 1 pair of sticks! Rim shots and everything. It used to be shred fest around me. Nope. Just free and easy. Forearms totally relaxed. Not forcing strokes. Never feeling like they aren't there. Way better tone. It's amazing. My fingers still find their way to the stick but are along for the ride as opposed to squeezing every stroke. Feet are getting there, I started playing in a flatter stiffer bottom sneaker again and that made a big difference. The reason I switched to a more flexible shoe years ago was I wanted more dynamic control because I was too heavy for the gigs I was playing. I am still very conscious of my knee and ankle alignment, it's subtle but I do notice the difference. still revert at times but it's 33 years of muscle memory to counter. Anyway, thanks for being such a gifted teacher that any amount of time with you is worthwhile. I'll def book another lesson when I can afford it again.

– B.S.

In relation to your video on growth I can totally understand why people may procrastinate about taking a lesson. Our lessons have taught me how important it is to be intentional in life. That then transfers to the instrument. They've also taught me to let go of fear and to stop self judgement. Be honest with yourself, embrace the practice and embrace your faults, work as hard as you can to fix them. Can't cheat hard work or intentional practice. It's what makes us who we are as players at the end of the day!

Hi Dave, I thought it would be a good opportunity to reach out to you one last time and say thank you for everything you did for me! It seems to sound a little stereotypical BUT it really changed me and my life! It feels like a complete 180 degrees turnaround. It's hard to find the right words to describe it but it's a journey that started off as a big scary risk (I remember being nervous asking for that first lesson because change was about to come) but here we are 10 months and 8 amazing lessons (even one in person) later and about to take off to 2023 where we will work together again for sure I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

– Stefan Heiss

Thanks for everything! I've been super discouraged with drumming lately because of pain in my body and your guidance has been a glimmer of hope that I haven't hit my ceiling yet.

- Tina

While I still have a long way to go with a lot your concepts/ideas, l’ve noticed that I’m more relaxed, my posture is improving, I have less strain and I’m not nearly as "crampy" as I used to get playing live, etc.

– John

Amazing what you can start to see, when someone has helped you open your eyes. Much to be learned, especially on the days when you catch yourself fighting yourself. Thank you.

- Fionn

Dave! Just finished tracking on 9 songs today. No stress, no pain and no more annoying problematic kick flutter. That's huge!”

- Dan

Playing with more consistency and accuracy and losing the exhaustion has been a game changer. Thanks Dave!

- Christian

Bro, can't wait to have another lesson, what a life changing concept!

– Boll3t

I had a great gig the other night and also had a couple great drummers also play as well. I backlined my kit because we were the headliner and it was our album release. I had two nice compliments I attribute these to your help: 1) I looked very relaxed, and Groove/playing looked effortless. 2) there were a couple drummers that thought my kick was triggered compared to the other two bands. They said it sounded so good when my band played. I was the only one NOT burying kick!

Just a quick message to tell you that since our last lesson I made so much progress in my drumming. Standing straight is not just standing straight anymore, it's a whole new world! My sound improved like crazy and I don’t have backpain anymore. I still have a lot to work on, but sincerely, a huge thank you man!

Hi Dave! Before your lesson I always had pain in my jaw and after you corrected my posture, it disappeared immediately! I recently joined a band and they said that my groove it's so deep (especially my kick) and they really like my sound! They said that they never heard something like that! I owe you a lot! Thank you so much!

Thank you for the lesson today. I would have been an astrophysicist if you had been my math teacher!

– Ben M.

Dave, really enjoyed the lesson today. I couldn't quite put it into words at the end, but thanks for all you do, not just drums related. The little nuggets you drop on literature, art, sciences, etc. are such a welcome change. They do not fall on deaf ears. Something you said about Elaine Aron and HSP’s actually helped us better understand our oldest kid, get him (and us as well) into therapy and slowly but surely overcome some struggles he was dealing with. We'll meet soon for another lesson to go over progress and discuss so much more stuff that needs work. Thanks again and take care!

The stuff you share is absolutely much needed light in a dark world. From drum insight to the Bruce Tift book I'm now reading. It's all light. It's all good food for the soul. Never have I been so conscious of mind, body, and spirit. Peace to brother, and thank you. Cheers to the journey.

I can't believe it's over 4 years since I came to you, but between that lesson and your GOOYOW course, you absolutely changed my drumming life for the better. I can't thank you enough. l'll be back to see you. Also, thanks for not only sharing what you do, but for also being such a great teacher. It's one thing to have knowledge, but the ability to communicate it is something else and you have it down!

– Roy C.

Hi Dave, I just wanted to thank you for a profound experience yesterday. So many lightbulbs went on, and there's no turning back! I'm really excited about where I can take my playing now that 'the handbrake is off' Until next time!

- Hugo

Feeling STURDY on this run thanks to our lesson awhile back. Always chipping away to get better but it feels great!

Hey man! Just checking in quickly to tell you I've recently had great comments from two bass players on different gigs. One asked if I had done anything to alter the sound of the bass drum because it sounded good (it's a house kit shared by a few drummers) and the other said that everything just felt more solid, confident and grounded. I can feel the difference too. When I'm fully relaxed it's like time slows down and my control level increases. I still have a LONG way to go but this shit is really working man!

Hello Dave, Reflecting back on the past year, I wanted to acknowledge the impact you had on me as as many others I'm sure. Not just on drums. Hope to see you again soon. Still working on all the stuff. Cheers.

- Tony M.

Studying with you, as well as your course has been probably my most influential experience of the past few years. Really got me out of a difficult rut. I'm grateful, man. Thanks for the help. I'm sure we'll talk again soon.

- Owen B.

It was a highlight 2022 to study with you in LA, just that one lesson has been transformative. If I take just one aspect-aligning my bass drum properly so I'm no longer on that awkward lopsided straddling position-that alone has completely changed my playing experience. As I begin to 'take the handbrake off not only physical, but mental barriers have been removed. Since I made a concerted effort to apply what you showed me my progress has accelerated in all areas.

- Hugo

Hey Dave! Just first of all wanted to thank you for the insight on so many things... just mind blowing. Today I have the first gig just after the lesson and right now already I can better feel what you meant, especially with the elbows not "glued" to the rib cage, the back feels more relaxed even with the smallest adjustments. Though everything still feels weird... Hope to get as many hours as I can into practicing all the stuff. And hope to see you on zoom soon.

- Domantas R.

For me there was fear and there was ego, and no doubt these were related. When I first saw that I wasn't even holding my sticks the 'correct' way I thought "I've been playing drums all my life - how have I been doing that first initial step wrong the whole time?" Then the first bits of clarity came and there was no going back after that. Development is addicting as a concept, not just on the kit. Pushing through personal boundaries on drums was a catalyst to take the same steps in other walks of life too. Thank you dude.

– Mitch

Since our lesson I've been trying to search within myself for my own reason and philosophy on why and how I want to make music. That lesson felt like a lightbulb going off revealing an entire room full of unlit light bulbs. I've been working my way through some of the videos you suggested I watch. And having your course as a 24/7 resource has also been massively helpful. I have some more work to do but I will be ready for another lesson shortly!

Dude, I love you! Brought live drums out of cases and packed the silent kit off to the side late into the night last night. Finally got a couple hours to just play today. Slow. Awareness. Finding relaxation sooner & sooner after each note. Caught when I was sliding into old habits; everything is comfortable and I sound like a wuss again, I must be 'leaning back', boom, cannons return! More pumped & motivated than I can remember! Can't that you enough, brother, it's beautiful!

– Roger

Hey Dave! wanted to share some exciting changes I've been noticing in my playing since our lesson. After we talked, all I did was start meditation daily. Didn't think about licks or grooves, just brought my focus back to my breath. After a bit, I took that to the practice pad and just began doing something like playing alternating 8th/16th note triplets at like 50bpm while focusing on my breath. Holy shit man. The level of disconnect that I've been feeling from my hands has begun to dissipate, and I'm so excited every day to sit down at my kit and just freaking play! Not worrying about licks and bullshit chops, not worrying if what I'm doing is enough, and just focus on one thing. I barely touched my drumsticks in our lesson, but it just feels gooood to have something I can practice and really sink my teeth into that doesn't feel fragmented and is actually going to pay huge dividends across the board.

– J.S.

Studying with Dave opened up a lot of doors, clearly as a listener, and as a drummer. I still go through a lot of the hand technique exercises he gave me, and I don't think my hands have ever been better; vocabulary, range, speed (when needed), and endurance have all increased dramatically. No pain, yet so many gains. Sick.

– Nick Lang

Hey Dave. Thanks again for the lesson. Once again, it was an eye opening thing! I practiced for the past 2 days and I don't have any lower back pain and already felt better on playing my double bass stuff.

– Michel B.

This massive journey that I've undertaken since last June all started because of what we discussed in that room in East London. We didn't play one note in that lesson. It's been a complete game changer for me. The road to discovery is long but I'm now getting somewhere with some compassion, curiosity and better physical and mental health.

Damn! That lesson was amazing. Already seeing benefits after two practice sessions. The kicker was the wrist adjustment. Much more control of the stick with that straight angle. THANK U again brotha!

Dave! Great lesson. really appreciate it. I had a band practice the next day and my peeps were like... who is this guy? You're so relaxed and on point. Are you on Xanax? Ha.. Definitely some epiphanies especially in the feet, legs and drum throne. Up for getting on the schedule soon.

- Bill Z.

I can feel now when I start to tense up and then I stop to relax all the points you mentioned at the lesson and it make such a big difference. Of course it's still work in progress, such a long road ahead of me but at least the roadmap is way more clear. All thanks to you, I really mean it.

Hey Dave! I took a lesson from you a couple months ago. Just wanted to say thank you so much, my body has tarted feeling so much better. This picture is super low quality but I think my posture has improved a ton thanks to the lesson.

– Jake G.

Dave! Number 1 - the band noticed my playing was different the first time we played after you and I had our lesson. They could tell something was different and the bass player said "You're using your kick more in fills," to me, that meant my legs were finally unshackled from my old self as my posture was better and legs were without tension. Plus, having my shoulders loose and concentrating on loose wrists really made for easier fills. Number 2 - we just played 6 gigs in 6 days all of them 3-4 hours long, plus load in and tear down etc. Believe me when I say I am tired today BUT I would have been more tired and felt beat up if I was sitting like I used to in the past. Your insights and instruction have made me realize how fatigued I would have been had I been sitting hunched over or leaning forward. AND it made for more energetic playing even when I felt tired. Thank you for all that!

– Eric

Hey Dave! Wanted to thank you again man. The slowed down doubles and kick drum work have been having such an impact. And the info you gave me about grip and wrist movement have been revolutionizing my playing and feel. I feel like I'm playing with way more power, but more importantly more grace and fluidity. So grateful for everything man. I'm feeling so much better while playing and my bandmates and coworkers are noticing the changes. I haven't had any forearm or wrist pain and have been playing and teaching all day every day. Appreciate you brother.

– J.B.C.

Hey Dave, took a lesson about 1 ½ years ago and the main thing we touched on was my bass drum technique. I'm on tour atm and I see how drastically different my bass drum strokes are when looking at videos. They feel so good, I'm not tired after shows and my leg does not cramp up at all like it used too. And the sound difference!! C'mon... low end!! Your lessons are game changing man! Thank vou!

Hey what's up Dave, did a lesson with you not too long ago.. Hope you've been well! This may sound crazy but I feel like you changed my life. Ever since the lesson I've been working on the suggestions you told me (posture, correct grip, being relaxed, and eating good) It's given me a lot more confidence in my playing! I've realized as of today that smoking weed is not the answer, it just clouds your mind. I want to thank you for putting me back on track and giving me my true sense of purpose back! Much love!

– Kai N.

One lesson, 3 hours of feeling like I'd never played drums before but the effect was, well, very similar. My hands were the first thing to noticeably improve. And we spent 15 minutes on hands! Mostly it was posture and foot technique.as in you repeatedly asking me to "do less" with my foot and ankle. I kept thinking.. "this guy is fucking nuts! If I do any less I won't get a damn note on the kick drum." Now a full 30-40 minutes of every practice is spent doing the least amount of work necessary to get a full and powerful note from the kick. Dbl bass speed and accuracy has greatly improved…and my hands! My hands can do things now that they hadn't done for years. Pretty exciting shit for a dude that just turned 50, trust me.. Keep up the good work Big D..you're making a difference.

Dave - I'm a drummer that's been playing 25 years. I went to Berklee for 2 years. After touring with a signed band for 5 years, I wasn't happy with my playing. So, I studied with you via Zoom almost a year ago. I did 4 lessons over the course of two months. Then, I purchased your online course GOOYOW so I could reference back. Fast forward to today and I'm playing gigs where I can now feel the stick doing the work. I mentally have to "check in" while I'm playing, but it's starting to click. Also, plantar fasciitis in my right foot is healing. Even though I've always pulled the beater out of the head, you pointed out my calf being lit up as I played the bass drum. Now, I don't have any pain after my gigs and my pocket is much more relaxed overall! You also helped me mentally with my approach to music, playing, and life, in general with your posts and reading suggestions. Thank you Dave. You're a huge inspiration and every chance I get, I recommend Zoom lessons and your online

– D.C.

Hey Dave, I wanted to tell you that this weekend I played two farewell shows with my band that were both 90 mins long. We're a loud, heavy band, and I hit hard. If I hadn't had that one lesson with you a few years back, or bought your course, my hands would probably be in pain and covered in blisters and my legs probably sore. But I gotta say, I feel fuckin great today - and I also received many compliments about my feel from fellow music buds at the show that I respect greatly. And I watched some videos from the show - it does feel good! Probably because my shoulders are relaxed and I'm actually breathing correctly, and not burying that dang beater. So thanks for all you do my man, it's helped me greatly in many ways.

Hey Dave hows it going? I wanted to check back in with you since my trip out there last month. What an incredible experience! I don't even know where to begin. I've been thinking a lot about the things we discussed since then and how to apply them to my life and my playing. So much has come up for me, so many things I need to address, I really should write them down and get back into therapy. I had hoped to write a nice post or something describing my experience with you but I really couldn't find the words. I do plan on making future trips out there so they'll be time for that. I just wanted to reach out with something more personal like this and let you know how much it meant to me. I know I'm in the right place and that I've found the proper guidance/instruction to help me achieve my goals. Thank you for the great work you do Dave it's invaluable to all of us!

– Dennis D.