Part 1 - Body Mechanics/Technique (The First Half)

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Part 1 -Body Mechanics/Technique (The First Half)

This volume sets the stage with a holistic conceptual approach to posture and hand/foot technique that are the building blocks for a strong and strategic foundation. An imperative approach, offering thorough, detailed hand and foot technique analysis and the critical importance of rebound and kinetic energy. A true understanding of these concepts is concisely laid out and essential for those that truly want to raise the bar - a unique approach that you won’t find anywhere else.

Part 1 Sections

Welcome/Introduction • Approaching New Information • How to Practice • Mindfulness meditation • Guided Meditation • Sound City Solo 1 • What it Means to Relax • Relinquishing Dead Weight in the Arms • Relinquishing Dead Weight in Your Legs • Posture • Posture : What Not to Do! • Purposes of Technique • Technique - a Contrary Point • Warming Up • How to Practice • German French Closed Grip • Moeller Gears 1-4 • Moeller Gears 1-4 on the Kit • French Closed Moeller Gears • American Grip • Open/Glued Grip • Open/Glued Ride Cym. Grip • Mixing Open and Closed Grips • Pure Rebound • Real German Double Strokes • Real French Double Strokes • French Pure Rebound Swing Pattern • Rebound Doubles @ 50bpm • Rebound Doubles @ 40bpm • Rebound Doubles @ 30bpm • Slow to Fast Doubles • How to Get a Great Cross-Stick Sound • Single and Double Combinations • Paradiddles w Real Doubles • Phasing • Mixed Sticking Warm up Routine • BUZZ ROLLS • Traditional Grip • Garibaldi Ghost Note Hand Pattern • Moeller on Hats • Slow Mo footage on Hand Technique • What Not to Do with Hand Technique • What Not to Do with Hand Technique - Fingers • What Not to Do with Hand Technique - French Fingers • Parallels in Movement • Choice Cuts • Big Hip Single Bass Drum Technique • Psoas Stabilization Exercise • Thinking “Up and Down” • Toe/Ball Double Stroke Bass Drum Technique • Heel/Toe Double Stroke Bass Drum Technique • Compound Triple Stroke Bass Drum Technique • Heel Down Bass Drum Technique • Ankle Only Singles Bass Drum Technique • Noh Wave Improvised Solo • Ideology Solo • Part 1 Course Conclusion


Parts 1 & 2 are offered a la carte as a customized educational experience. However, I highly recommend The Complete Course as an all inclusive, big picture solution. Part 1 & Part 2 are complementary and intended to function together, which is extremely important when absorbing all of this material. That’s the best way to fully experience the intention of the course and get out of your own way!